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Earthing on the beach

he Most Important Health Benefit EVER is FREE!

No Pills- No Potions- No Ointments- No Cost!

The Health Benefit to you can be Amazing!

End Your Arthtitic Pain - Read on...

In recent years an amazing health discovery has been made which is benefiting hundreds of people by relieving pain and improving various health symptoms.

Medical Research has shown that by 'Grounding' your body on a regular basis you help your body to reach its optimum state for better health. The health benefits can be enormous!

In the past 10 years there have been some remarkable success stories of the health benefits people have had by simply
'Connecting their Body to the Ground'.

Now thousands of people are 'Grounding' on a daily basis and reaping the benefits of a better health and lifestyle. You should too!

Grounding – What it means?

Grounding is simply connecting your body to the Earth’s surface. The secret is to do it REGULARLY.  We use a 'Grounding Bed Sheet' - Read on to discover what a Grounding Sheet is.....  By sleeping on a Grounding Sheet EVERY NIGHT you gain the same benefits – just as if you were lying on a beach under the stars. 

How does it work?

Negatively charged free electrons flow from the Ground into your body as you sleep. The electrical Bio Rhythms in your body equalise to the same potential as the Ground. The damaging positively charged Free Radicals in your body are neutralised – reducing inflammation and pain.

How will I feel?

Everybody re-acts differently. However most people feel some kind of benefit almost immediately. By connecting to the Ground as you lie in bed it becomes a daily routine. When you stop Grounding your symptoms normally return. This is why most of our customers say they would never be without a Grounding sheet on their bed. Many take them on holiday with them!

What can I expect from Grounding?
Medical research and feedback from people who regularly connect to the  Ground indicate that for them -

Grounding your Body -

  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Reduces inflammation and improves pain symptoms from many inflammation related illnesses, such as Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease, Insulin Resistance, and many more....         See the list of Inflammatory illnesses
  • Gives you an energy boost.
  • Eases aching muscles and relieves headaches.
  • Thins the blood.
  • Promotes speedy recovery following strenuous activities or athletic workouts.
  • Decreases stress.
  • Aids healing.
  • Gives your body protection against electromagnetic pollution.
  • Really helps with menstrual or hormonal symptoms.
  • Re-sets your body clock.
The best way to Ground Your Body is to walk barefoot outside on a daily basis.
This is fine if you live in a warm country, not so easy in our 'cool climate' but now  there is an easier way  -

 'The Grounding Bed Sheet'  This is a bed sheet manufactured from cotton with a pure silver grid woven into the fabric. The silver is anti bacterial and an excellent conductor of Electrons. The grid is connected to your home Earth system.
When you sleep there is a free flow of Electrons from the Ground into your body.

Grounding your body is NOT a cure but it is a tool which, has had great results in the fight against diseases like - Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Insomnia, Stress and many many more ...

                                     Buy a Grounding Sheet

Grounding your body daily – WHY?

Free Radicals are unstable elements, which develop in your body. If an atom loses an Electron it becomes a Free Radical (Free Radicals become positively charged and unstable)
Medical science has shown that Free Radicals cause inflammation.



Factors which surround us daily and lead to Free Radicals are –

Drugs   Infection   Injury   Poor Diet   Pollution   Radiation    Stress  Ageing

The effects of Television, Microwaves, Cell phones, wireless technology etc,etc…


Too many positively charged Free Radicals can lead to the following disease risks–

Arthritis   Auto Immune Disease   Cancer   Diabetes   Heart disease  Inflammation of any kind .   .   .   .   .   . 

Plus many, many more diseases, pain and a general lack of healing.


What to do to fight back against these Free Radicals

You have the Earth's natural healing power in the palm of your handnull!

The best way to combat free radicals is to supply your body with a constant supply of much needed electrons.

Electrons flow into your body when your skin comes in contact with the ground, or you use a Grounding sheet on your bed.

Benefits of Grounding your body:

Our modern lifestyle has caused us to lose the most natural FREE healing aid available to us - Direct Contact with the Ground.

We wear insulating rubber soled or plastic shoes, which completely separate us - insulate us - from the healing power of the Earth.
Our homes are insulated from dampness and cold - AND the Ground. 

Another benefit of Grounding is the fight against  ELECTROPOLLUTION -

The VERY destructive effect of electrical waves,  surrounding us today – our cell phones, TVs, microwaves, radios and millions of wireless signals – bombard us with millions of positively charged and destabilizing particles. Causing some serious health issues. To stay healthy you now have to act to combat these effects.

Grounding your body allows negatively charged particles - Electrons -  to flow back into your body, neutralising the destabilising particles.

Why is it when we go on holiday we feel so much better? Sure it’s the break away from everything, the warm weather, the food, the relaxation… yes they all contribute, but what else do you do? 

You walk bare foot around swimming pools, walk barefoot on the beach, in the sea and around the stone floors of your apartment, yes you ground your body for long periods and let Earths natural healing power back into your body.

You do it without realising the great Free healing power flowing from the Earth.

It would be good to keep it going when you get back home.
Well now you can -  and continue the health benefits.

The Grounding sheet allows you to top up on Electrons on a regular basis. It also protects you from Electropollution while you sleep. Incidentally the bedroom is one of the most polluted parts of your home. Bedlights, alarm clocks, phone chargers etc... all close to your head!

You can utilise your home electrical supply’s ground potential. Your home electrical wiring has an Earth \ Ground wire, which is permanently connected to a grounded copper spike driven deep into the Earth. It’s there FREE for your use! Tap into it’s healing power!

You see - your body is like a great big electrical circuit with its own battery pack.

Inside you have a brain, muscles, nervous system, heart etc...
They all use electrical signals and like most electronic equipment - every now and again they need to be re-set and recharged.

Your body is the same - If you don't recharge it - eventually it will feel run down and will not be as efficient as it could be!

By using a Grounding Bed sheet you recharge every night as you sleep. You also protect yourself from Electropollution and EMR - see FAQs.

Why would you NOT look after the most important electronic circuits you possess?  

Grounding – What it does NOT mean!

You are NOT connected to any electrical power. Grounding your body is as safe as standing outside in your bare feet. There is no danger of electrical shock.


As you sleep millions of Free Electrons flow back into your body, fighting inflammation by neutralising the Free Radicals. Thousands of people worldwide are now utilising the Earth's healing power.

 Don't just take our word for it    Read some of their stories..


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